I would help you out if I could, fellow artist. I'm also trying my best to pay medical type bills. I don't ask for help because I'm embarrassed to do so, so good for you getting out there and doing everything you can!

I really appreciate the sentiment friendo.

I accidentally started ranting so please feel free to ignore the rest of this.

You know though, having had that conversation with my Stepmom I’ve been thinking about things today and I honestly don’t understand the embarrassment of asking for help. Especially for medical bills/ big life events that we otherwise could never afford. My step mom constantly affirmed that Crowd-Sourcing was embarrassing, like I was planning to beg for money, she kept saying that people her age were taught to “work hard to pay their own way”, but tbqh, I don’t see that as an option for any of us anymore.

Our parents grew up in a time where a summer job COULD pay for college tuition, or a car, or a major surgery. But that is just not the reality we live right now as millennials. The economy is tanked, I work two jobs and still only make beans enough to slowly- and I mean slowly- save. I would have to live at home and work these two jobs for literal years before being able to save enough on my own for this surgery. (A surgery, mind you, that should in all aspects be covered by my very thorough health insurance but isn’t just because I’m Trans)

Crowd-sourcing is a tool we developed out of a necessity of our generation. Our parents never had access to this kind of digital support system, and I think they regurgitate all those tired cliches because they are so far removed from the current struggles of young people- they cannot fathom an economic environment that is this dependent on millennial-to-millennial charity. They have their money, my dad has like 4 different kinds of bank accounts- ya’know for investing and retirement and shit. I hardly even have a savings account. In his eyes, everything is fine because he’s white, middle-class, and fairly comfortable. He doesn’t understand that I literally cannot support myself in this economy without my very cautiously constructed support system of friends. (You try moving into your own place without a roommate, it’s basically impossible.) I think crowd-sourcing is just an extension of that support system.

I try to, when I can, budget at least $10 a month to give to someone online who really needs it. In the scheme of things, I know $10 isn’t going to save someone’s home, help them move, or fund someone’s surgery; but if 10,000 people all budget that same $10- we can move mountains for people. I think it’s that willingness to help others in our same boat that breaks us apart from the older generations. My folks donate to charities/churches/foundations during Christmas time, but I try to donate to individuals when they need it because it’s what little I can do for the time being and I can see the development of my dollar on an actual human being’s life. IDK, I feel better knowing “Jack” from Pennsylvania moved out of his abusive home or “Jane” from Long Island gained custody of her younger sibling because me and 10,000 other young people decided to chip someone down on their luck a buck or two. 

I don’t think crowd-sourcing is embarrassing, I think having to barely scrape by in an economy that makes Crowd-sourcing such a necessity is embarrassing. :P


I did a quick color mock up of that sketch from my super secret new story.



I did a quick color mock up of that sketch from my super secret new story.


bless parents, because getting a summer retail job will get you EASY SURGERY MONEY DUH

I have a job.

I actually have two jobs.

And on top of those two jobs I draw my webcomic. @w@;

I just wish my folks could understand my position a little better.

So, mister mysterious Faux Boy, what are you really? What are you hiding underneath your disguise? Are you a toaster? A bowl of mashed potatoes? I DEMAND TO KNOW

the heart of a lover. 

A stressful day to be transgender in this household…

Told my step mom about my consultation with the surgeon on Thursday, she’s not exactly thrilled that I don’t have a thorough payment plan already laid out for it. Also being scoffed at because I plan to open a crowd-funding page to help out. What is it with old people hating the idea of crowd-sourcing? It’s a donation, it’s not like I’m begging on the streets. @-@;

"When I was your age I got a summer job to pay for ___" is not applicable to our generation. Crowd sourcing is sometimes the only way for underprivileged kids to do things they *need* to improve their situation. I work really hard, but I’ll have to work myself to the bone for yeeeeears before I have enough disposable income to afford this necessary surgery.

Idk why this is so hard to understand. I’m just really upset and defeated rn I guess.


Except I'm sure you would be a succulent, and not a cactus per se

eh, they’re close!

I thought you were a hive of bees

the world isn’t ready for my truer true form.

I didn't know what faux meant when I first saw your blog and thought it meant fox and kept calling you foxboy in my head for the longest time.


Your name always conjures an interesting image in my head. Like... "fauxboy," that's implying that you're not what you say you are, and I keep picturing your icon unzipping their skin and revealing that you're actually a cactus disguised as a human.

ha ha ha

Finally, the world is ready for my true form.

My process to a T

My process to a T



Pretty Cool Webcomics: Stolen Forest

Stolen Forest is a Pretty Cool Webcomic by Rian Grey Sygh / riansygh! It updates once a week on Wednesdays.

Hidden away in the forest, the land of Stolen has managed a peaceful and prosperous life under the teachings of the local Idols. Here three friends live and help their community; the enthusiastic and rash Lief, the fleet-footed Tig, and the large yet soft-spoken and intelligent Diedier. They help gather food to sell at the market, and generally live a good life doing so.

But when a mysterious blast hits the forest, rot and plague begin affecting the land down to the food they need to survive. Worse yet, the Idols seem unable to do anything about it. With the amount of territory they can harvest growing smaller and being thoroughly picked over, the trio hatch a plan to explore the until-now uncharted mountains. But even if they can make it past the winds and wards guarding the area, who knows what secrets - and dangers - they will find?

At only two chapters in I can’t say much as to the story’s plot beyond that it’s an intriguing start, but wow is this comic pretty. Panels flow into one another to really keep pulling the eye along, the colours are bright without being overbearing, and the character designs and expressions are a lot of fun! And even with what little we’ve seen, the worldbuilding hints at larger conflicts to come both regarding the blight and within Stolen itself.

Stolen Forest has the makings of being a really great adventure… wait, scratch that. It’s already a great adventure, and can only get better from here. I’m sincerely excited to see what happens next, and will definitely recommend it as a read either right away or once the comic gets a more sizable archive!

Stolen Forest contains violence and swearing, and is recommended for teens and up.

Thanks to the anon who suggested this comic!


Also, thank you so much for the kind review!! I really hope that everyone enjoys where I’m headed with it! I just started working on chapter 3 and am really excited to expand the world and lore!!

I got reviewed!! How cool is that! :D

Ugh, that’s gross. Can you delete it off somehow?

yeah, ha ha, but it takes forever because I have to manually approve/disapprove every comment. and I usually get 100 spams a week!

Or, your webcomic is so good it’s actually orgasmic. They’re not premature, your art is just that good.

ha ha ew tho.

the kind of spam I get on my webcomic is the worst kind of spam.
Nothing like 40 comments about premature ejaclation to kickstart your update! ha ha ha

the kind of spam I get on my webcomic is the worst kind of spam.

Nothing like 40 comments about premature ejaclation to kickstart your update! ha ha ha