July 22nd
The lady was pretty frazzled, I wasn’t really impressed with my manager’s handling of the situation. I had to ask him twice for the security number. He seemed like he didn’t want to be bothered.

July 23rd
Thumbnailing my comics makes me want to write super emotionally wrenching scenes. All I can say is, don’t get too attached to some characters. Heh heh

July 24th
Picked up TF2 again, I get into the mood to play it for awhile and then fall back out of it again. While playing today, I was doing really fuckin well!! Like, literally the best game I ever played. I was dominating like three people… And then they kicked me out and banned me from the server…

July 25th
I can’t eat shrimps with the legs and stuff still on them. Like, I enjoy shrimp!! But if I have to take the outside part off… I just… Can’t.

Hey good luck with everything!!! From your surgery to your relationship with your parents! I hope all goes well :)

Thank you so much!! :)))



I was applying to a cool coffee house downtown, and while the owner was hesitant about hiring a non-coffee drinker in house, she wants to rebrand her company and had been looking for an illustrator to literally re-design everything.

But!!! Apparently I made such a good impression on the assistant manager that he’s going to try to talk her into reconsidering me for an in-house position!!




Been talking to Kate this morning about setting up a Gofundme for my surgery. I want to at least be able to support myself for the downtime I’m recovering. I’m spending today looking for jobs at the employment centre. Gotta work hard for the things I want!!!

My dad and I have come to what seems to be an impasse with my transition stuff. He’s basically checked out. He still loves me and wants me to be happy, but I think the gender stuff is just too far over his head. He’s basically said that while he will not use my name/pronouns he won’t stop me from pursuing transition.

He’s a good dad, but I think he shuts down too fast when he’s overwhelmed. Hopefully he’ll come around eventually.

A year ago I got a package of blueberry bagels. I ate one, and the rest of them went bad and I had to throw them away. The memory haunts me to this day. I should donate some money to feed the hungry so I can get over this bagel guilt. Ugh. This memory is stressing me out!!

Blueberry bagels are my favourite!

But I don’t like blueberries not in bagels.

I had a really long talk with my folks about gender identity and we had a really open discussion about some things. I think it ended fairly positive? But while they are supportive of me making my own choices, they have decided that the surgery is something they cannot support financially in any capacity. I’ll be spending tomorrow looking for another day-job, hopefully soon I can go back to balancing all this with comics and art. (So sorry if I haven’t responded to some commission inquiries!! I’m really busy atm!) The conversation ended up hurting my brothers feelings who was eavesdropping So the conversation then turned Into a four hour long intervention-type discussion about him and his feelings and trying to open up the family dialogue. I think that conversation ended up??? Okay??? I’m not sure. Everyone cried and yelled and threw things and it was extremely difficult and frustrating.

I can’t wait for my life to go back to being about comics and cartoons smoochin. @-@;

Just out of curiosity, was that surgery estimate without any sort of insurance coverage? I wouldn't think a lot of insurance companies cover gender stuff..

My insurance covers a whopping 0%!!!


Layton, Ace Attorney artbooks coming from Udon ⊟

Yayyy, Udon Entertainment will be publishing English versions of the Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies artbook and the Professor Layton handbook, which, by the way, had better have a puzzle on every other page or somebody done goofed.

Also the artbook for Gungnir, one of Sting’s Dept. Heaven strategy games? How intriguingly random. I am down with a reality in which a company can survive translating and printing artbooks for Gungnir in America.

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Flipboitamidles - September Love (Daft Punk x Earth Wind & Fire)
111,517 plays


September Love (Daft Punk x Earth Wind & Fire)



steven universe!! i drew garnet pearl and amethyst on iscribble.net for fun

I'm so glad you went through and got the information you wanted! Do you have a rough estimate for a surgery date? Also, are you open to taking donations for followers to help you towards your goal? Obviously, getting a job is tough, and having to pay bills and necessities like food, you'd only be able to put so much money away per month, maybe some of us could help you out? I finally have money again, so I could probably pitch in a little bit. :3

Thank you so much friend!

I haven’t scheduled a date yet because I don’t have the money to pay for it. I know I will be the literal second I do though.

I’ve been thinking of making a gofundme for it? Idk, I’m going to talk to my folks tonight and see if they’re willing to help at all…

My gut feeling is that I’ll have to fund this myself. I just need to work really really hard for awhile!

I've figured it out. I know what you are. Don't lie anymore. You're actually.... A TOASTED BAGEL WITH CREAM CHEESE


I AM….



Favourite jokes

  • Referring to any four-legged animal as a weird dog
  • Massively underestimating the number of nearly uncountable objects
  • Massively overestimating the number of clearly countable objects
  • Bad puns in TV episode titles
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Well, I did it. The consultation went really really well I think. I was pretty nervous and scared but the doctor I met with was really kind and patient with me and answered all my questions and junk. I feel a huge load off my shoulders having done this. It feels like I really have just made the first big step of a long journey. It’s hard doing this by myself, but I know I’m not alone. I have all my friends and followers behind me. All your positivity, well-wishes, and kind words have helped me so so much and I cannot express how grateful I am that I have you all in my life right now.

As it stands, I am only $6,505.20 away from the rest of my life. Tomorrow, I’m going to the employment centre to get another job.

I know I can make this work if I really work hard at it. I need this thing and I’m so so close you guys. I’m going to pull through this and I’m going to beat this game and I’m gonna make fucking awesome comics and move in with my lady and it’s going to be perfect.

Because all of you believe in me and I’m starting to believe in me too.

Thank you, friends.