Me: So is it too soon to make jokes about how my fanfic has given you orgasms
Naki: Nope
Me: Good because I just did
Me: Oh great, now my phone has no signal and I'm in a car full of internet strangers. I'm going to die, aren't I?
Naki: Don't worry my basement is very comfortable
Rian: We just need to wait for Jess and Rafa to finish draining
Naki: They aren't DONE yet?
Rian: Rafa is a big guy! It's a lot of blood to deal with
Me: Jess is gone. Should I write fanfic in her art book?
Paru: Do you even have to ask?
Me: You're right! Okay so she ships flame bear. Uhh. "Ohh, FP ohh! Let's do it!" uh uhh...
Me: den dey fucked
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